Plugins I've Known and Loved #1

Oct 03, 2007
Last night at Montreal on Rails, I gave a talk about two of my favourite Rails plugins: make_resourceful & shoulda. For those of you who were unable to attend, the videos will be available very soon for your consumption.


By encapsulating the standard RESTful controller pattern, make_resourceful allows you to focus on what's really important in your controllers, and saves you a ton of keystrokes along the way. The stable version is available here. Although, I prefer to live on the edge. Also, please join the discussion.


Shoulda is the awesome set of test macros, and extensions to test/unit by the folks over at thoughtbot. A major time and keystroke saver for test-driven developers. (You are writing tests, right? No? Start here.) So, get your shoulda here, and be sure to check out the rDocs and tutorials.

Also, please check out the presentation slides, and the source code from my demo (note: see here for where I started, and HEAD of trunk is roughly where I ended). Also, see my review of MoR#3.