resource_controller 0.1.6: API Enhancements

Nov 26, 2007

It's been a while since the last r_c release; I have been busy. I'm still busy, so this isn't a huge release, but these changes have been in SVN for a while, so I thought I'd share them.

There was a cool thread over at where we discussed some potential API improvements for r_c (it's still open - come share your ideas!). Here's what made it in to this release...


respond_to now accepts symbols, and has a few extra names. All of these examples have the same effect...

create.response :html do |format|

create.respond_to :html, :js

create.responds_to do |format|


Callbacks Accept Symbols

I've always liked that the filters, and callbacks in rails accept the name of a method or a block. Now, all the callbacks in resource_controller accept them both, too!

create.before { = current_user }

create.before :set_user

  def set_user = current_user

Configuration-Style Syntax for model_name, route_name, and object_name

Now, rather than overriding a method to provide alternate model, object or route names, you can set them through a configuration-style interface (though, you can still override the methods if you prefer).

model_name  :post_tag
route_name  :tag
object_name :tag

Note: resource_name is gone as of this release. If you were overriding that in your controllers, you'll have to use a combination of the other helpers to get the same effect.

LOTS More Helper Methods Exposed

If you've had a problem with r_c helper methods not being exposed in your views, it should be solved now. Just about every possible r_c method is now available in your views!

Get It!

1.2.3+ Compatible

svn export vendor/plugins/resource_controller

Edge/Rails 2.0 Compatible

svn export vendor/plugins/resource_controller

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