Our Rumble App: What Does this Error Mean?

Oct 20, 2008

Francois, Daniel, and I (and Mat, in spirit) spent the weekend rumbling. It was a great time coding with these two superstars, but you don't care about that.

Our app is called what does this error mean?. We all see error messages, and until now, the best way to look for solutions to those error messages was doing a google search. The problem with google searches, though, is that the results are ordered by the quality of the site, not by the quality of the solution. What does this error mean solves that problem, and a few more.

But, really, reading sucks. So, watch our screencast to learn all about wdtem.

Rails & Merb Integration

As part of our rumble project, we built plugins for both rails and merb that override their default development mode error messages. With our plugin installed, you'll see our logo below the error message. Simply click on the logo to automatically jump to a what does this error mean search!

For rails:

$ script/plugin install git://github.com/giraffesoft/what_does_this_error_mean-rails.git

For merb:

sudo gem install what_does_this_error_mean-merb

Please Vote for Us!

If you think our app is cool, please consider voting for us once rails rumble voting starts! We don't know the url yet, but have been told to point people to our team page.