resource_controller 0.2: maintenance release - no more edge_compatible branch

Feb 15, 2008

This is mainly a maintenance release.

  • The helpers have been broken out in to four separate files internally, to help with managing the deep nesting branch.
  • There have also been a few little refactorings in preparation for some new features to come shortly.
  • The biggest thing to note for users is that there is no longer an edge_compatible branch. Since rails 1.2.6 generates the same style of named routes as 2.0.2 (edit_tag_photo_path instead of tag_edit_photo_path), there is no longer a need to continue two separate streams of development (yay)!.
  • The generator has been updated to spit out the right filenames for templates (rhtml/haml vs html.erb/html.haml), and old-style migrations (t.column instead of t.string) for any users still stuck on 1.2.6, so the transition shouldn't be a problem.

Get It!

You can get the new version by exporting from svn:

svn export vendor/plugins/resource_controller

Or, if you're using piston, you may need to switch to the new url if you were previously on edge compatible (this is untested, so it may be slightly wrong).

  piston switch
  piston update

As always, everybody is encouraged to come join the discussion on the increasingly lively mailing list.