attribute_fu and jQuery shake hands

Apr 03, 2008

This blog has been quiet of late, because I'm working on a couple of exciting, but still top-secret projects. Anyway, I recently moved one of those projects over to jQuery, because of its speed, syntax, and general awesomeness. Tonight, when I went to create a multi-model form with attribute_fu, I was stopped dead in my tracks by its heavy dependency on prototype. A few minutes of hacking later, a_f and jQuery are playing rather nicely together.

Get it from the jquery branch of a_f's git repo. If you aren't using git yet, this might be just the excuse you need to check it out! Or, download a tarball from github. After you install the plugin, you'll have to copy its one javascript dependency (jQuery templates) from the javascripts directory over in to your public/javascripts and require it in your layout.