resource_controller 0.5

Sep 03, 2008

I've been really bad about releasing new versions of r_c. The last version that I actually released officially was 0.2. Well, enough has happened that it's time to get official about things.

What's New

  • Singleton controllers are now supported, thanks to Bartek Grinkiewicz (grin). Just inherit from ResourceController::Singleton, and you'll get a set of default action options that makes sense for a singleton controller. As always, there's more info in the RDoc.
  • It's possible to properly inherit from r_c controllers now. However, you have to use the declaration syntax (calling resource_controller in your controller's class definition, rather than inheriting from RC::Base) to make it all work right.
  • The flash helper now accepts a block, which means that you can interpolate in your flash messages. (i.e. create.flash { "#{@post.title} successfully created!" })
  • Thanks to Jonathan Barket (his github is here), the scaffold_resource now generates RSpec specs, if RSpec is installed in your app.
  • Lots of bugs and little issues were fixed.
  • All r_c development is officially moved to github. Follow the repo here, if you're not already.
  • From now on, r_c will only be supported as a gem dependency. Gem plugins are the new hotness; love them.


Lots of awesome people contributed to this release.


As I mentioned before, Spree, the "Open Source Commerce Platform for Ruby on Rails", has moved to r_c. That also means that the Rails Envy guys' awesome new screencast site Envy Casts is powered by r_c. Since spree is open source, it makes a great example app for r_c. If you're looking for examples, the Spree source is a great place to start.

Get It

Add it as a gem dependency:

config.gem 'resource_controller'

Install it as a gem manually:

$ sudo gem install resource_controller

Or grab the source:

$ git clone git://

As always, the RDoc is available at