FLOSS week

Feb 16, 2009

We at giraffesoft went over a year without even having a website. Then, we lasted a few months with a website, but no blog. That ends today, hopefully with something of a bang.

We're big believers in extracting functionality sooner rather than later. This practice has resulted in a ton of code that we use in all of our projects — nice and DRY.

Only problem is, we never get around to releasing this stuff. Starting a blog seemed like a good excuse to spend some time polishing up some code and, you know, writing READMEs.

So, starting today, we'll be releasing an open source project every day this week. They'll probably be mostly rails plugins. But, you never know. Something else might float in.

If you're interested in following along, subscribe to giraffesoft, the blog. Or, if like me, you don't really use your feed reader anymore, follow @giraffesoft on twitter or github! See you later with the first project.