Apr 13, 2014

Every operation of any sufficient complexity winds up accumulating a bunch of internal debs, rpms, rubygems, and whatever other package types are relevant to the company. Unfortunately, finding a place to put them is usually a big headache.

The tooling for managing package repositories is buggy, frustrating, and outdated at best. Even if you do manage to get a repository setup, getting https, gpg signing, backups, and all the other stuff right takes forever, and even then, deployment of new packages is usually some bizarre process involving scp and running a script.

Having managed this process (poorly) several times ourselves, Joe and I set out to try to come up with a better solution. We've been in private beta for a couple of months, and we're finally ready to do a public release.

If you've ever managed a package repository before, I bet this'll make you as excited as it makes me:

Check it out at: and join us in #packagecloud on freenode. We'd love to hear your feedback.